SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileCanada’s indie music scene may just have suffered a huge blow in the form of a federally mandated fee that will exponentially increase the costs for live music venues to bring international bands across the border.Changes to federal regulations surrounding foreign workers entering Canada flew under the radar ofmusic lovers July 3, but the news made waves throughout social media yesterday when the CalgaryHerald brought the issue to the country’s attention.Before these changes were made, a one time fee was required of $150 for each member of the bandand was capped at $450. These fees are normallyRead More →

If you don want that path that perfectly cool. Boxing as a hobby or as fitness is totally normal and very common. But if that the case be honest about it. This instructable is for those of you who what your own personal geocoin, but don’t want to pay that $200 price tag to go with it. It’s A LOT cheaper to make your own wooden nickels than it is to have them made. Most companies on the net have a min. Kaikkinensa tuo ilta oli ihan mukava ja oli kiva olla katsomassa. Ainoa pieni harmitus johtui siit, etten nhnyt Ruotsi ottelun ratkaisua. Toki ninRead More →

Now fast forward to today. TSB finds itself available for sale once more on account of Lloyds rescue takeover at the height of the banking crisis of its rival HBOS. Engineered by the then prime minister, Gordon Brown, in an ultimately doomed attempt to save HBOS from collapse, the merger soon turned into one of the most value destructive deals of all time.. So please pass along some of the critiques that you guys will see in the coming months in this sub. Most are trying to be helpful. This will be my third year, but my coworker swore off this year after 2017 beingRead More →

Ambush marketing, through which companies try to associate themselves with an event without paying to be an official sponsor, has long been a fixture of the sporting world. At the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, Nike upset official backer Converse by erecting murals of its sponsored athletes in locations that were visible from within the main stadium. Commercial partnerships with the likes of Coca Cola and Samsung, for instance, now bring in about 40% of Olympic revenues. I excited to finally have some readers and hope you get something insightful out of my ramblings. I also write so that someday when I am dead andRead More →

“The jersey has a dynamic fit tailored to the athletes body, a result of 3D body mapping of the worlds top athletes and insights gleaned from collaboration with the Indian cricket team. Players expressed the desire for a jersey that moves with them and is comfortable enabling a complete focus on their game. The jersey is accented with a cutting edge graphic on the shoulders,” it added.. There would be upfront costs initially and harmonization would be one of them, but long term there are major savings to be had by not having 4 mayors, 30 something councillors, 4 police departments, 4 public works departments,Read More →

Forty media members cluster around an empty backdrop. TV and phone and tablet cameras prepared their zooms. The Lakers’ locker room is open for interviews, but Kobe will come out to the 15 foot wide hallway for his session. Groupon, the hugely popular online discount site, was trying to skewer the celebrity PSA format, while also raising money for groups like The Tibet Fund and Greenpeace.Two other ads in the cheeky series didn’t quite touch a nerve the way the Tibet spot did. One has Liz Hurley comparing bikini waxes to clear cutting rainforests and the other features Cuba Gooding Jr. (another Oscar winner) quippingRead More →

2) Narrate EVERYTHING. For so many kids with ASD, tantrums happen because they just don have the language to communicate what they need or want. Sometimes, typical kids throw a tantrum because they can have ice cream. GAEL Monfils was pushed to breaking point and beyond in hellish conditions during a four set loss to Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open on Thursday.The temperature climbed to 69C in the middle of Rod Laver Arena and there were calls for the match to be stopped or at least for organisers to close the roof to soften what Djokovic called the conditions. That didn happen and theRead More →

I became a minimalist, out of necessity, not to be cool. To travel light, 1 suitcase per week was part of my discipline. That means 3 pairs of clothes: non wrinkle, quick dry; 3 pairs of pants: versatile for both yoga and fashion, and 2 pairs of shoes: a Nike, a TOMS or a Stan Smith. Lots of mishaps can result in the formation of a bruise. Although the pain might last for only a couple of minutes, you’ll be wearing that ugly bruise as a reminder of your blunder for a while. But what causes your skin to turn back and blue?. Many AmericanRead More →

The first meeting there, on 20 December 1903, had an audience of 20,000. They paid seven francs for the best view and a single franc to see hardly anything at all. The seating was primitive and there was no heating. Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device. (Toronto Sun)The Toronto Transit Commission is coming under fire after the emergence of a picture. Continue readingRead More →

I’m inside an office closet in San Francisco holding two different dresses, both made by the same brand, both labeled size “small.” They’ve been handed to me by Ruth Hartman, the chief merchandising officer of Le Tote, a startup that measures clothing from major brands in order to recommend the right fit, rather than just the right size, to customers. When I try on the dresses, it’s immediately clear why such a company exists: The first one is tight enough that I struggle to breathe. The second balloons around me.. It feels like pissing on a once revered camp icon’s grave. Kinda. Or maybe moreRead More →