Mary Remuzzi, a company spokeswoman, declined to comment on the patent and when such products might go on sale. And Mexico. He declined to comment on whether a product based on the Nike patent would be permitted. Another idea is to have your web site address plastered on bill boards or on the side of company vehicles. Giving away promotional items such as pens that have your web site address on it can help too. Just be sure that the pens work well or else they can end up giving you a bad name. But Kevin Adler, president of Chicago based Engage Marketing, said, “FromRead More →

Time will show when they are proven wrong much more often than not and these kids will give this decision much more thought before hand rather than putting it off to getting the red carpet treatment with all of it finery. At this point, the more careers that are ruined by poor decisions during limo rides, the better. The college game needs to rid itself of the influence of this element (aggressive agents and the who do their dirty work, as well as that of corrupt boosters before college). Former Fairfield player Jim McElderry had a goal and Ian Hennessy one goal and one assistRead More →