Mars does not have a magnetic field at this time, but spacecraft have detected residual magnetism in rocks on the surface. That would suggest an active magnetic field millions, if not billions, of years ago. Scientist believe that the core of Mars has become too solid to rotate and is no longer capable of generating a dynamo effect. It was 1000% a green arrow for us and he would not go. There was no blockage, obstruction nothing. I been here for years and know that light to a T. And lets talk about his movies and business interests in LA. When is he gonna haveRead More →

There are cracked courts behind closed schools, a clean plexiglass backboard at the end of one street, and a worn, crooked basket the next block over. On the town’s south side, a square piece of plywood is fastened to a telephone pole and a netless orange rim is bent toward the ground. The wood was taken from one of the windows of the boarded up hospital across the street. Amanda Kriebel, registered yoga teacher and creator and founder of Awareness Physical Therapy suggests new students arrive to class at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to complete any paperwork, introduce themselves to the teacher, andRead More →

To help decide whether TPP lives up to the promises made by those selling it, here are some questions to ask as you read the agreement. Don’t be misdirected by what might have been in TPP or what we were afraid it might do; look at what is in it now and how what is in it will affect our jobs, pay and benefits, our environment, our relationship to the giant corporation and the billionaires and their immense and growing power, and our ability to self govern and make laws and regulations that benefit and protect us. Postal Service, highways, water systems and other publicRead More →

By 2011, however, the magic combination of accurate motion sensing with lightweight, high resolution displays no longer seemed so far off. As Luckey realised, the technology was by then integrated into most decent smartphones. So his prototype Rift used the equivalent of a large smartphone screen to display offset moving images, one for each eye, which the brain combined into an illusion of 3D depth. Congratulations on this excellent expose of the attempts by GAP and NIKE to divert attention from their refusal to take action to address sweatshop conditions in their production factories. Their codes of conduct are meaningless unless they are independently assessedRead More →

Working with a friend can also be helpful. I was very productive when I had a boring job and a room mate who was very self motivated. We worked on a bunch of stuff together, and it was great. To be honest, I use bands for 90% of all my workouts. My stats: I am 35yrs, 180lbs, bench 350 (legit, competition style, clean and raw), pullups in the mid to high 20’s, and I run in the low 6 min. Mile repeatedly. Change will happen when individuals are willing to share ideas, work together and seek solutions that create more efficient, more profitable and moreRead More →

That is how classes help teach sign language. The instructor will show you, yes, but they give you papers with drawings of people doing the signs. Once you know the signs, its VERY easy to read the signs in picture form.. May be affected by the T MAC2 popular encouragement, T MAC3 soon on the market. However, this is not very compelling models of shoes, because of its shape Ad has been a significant variation, people not to accept. Shoes, a few blue stripes inside the first impression is a Nike Adidas cloning monkey claw system, but a closer look will find, scattered in 11Read More →

2) Cleaning helps. They will feed off of to pet food, crumbs, dirty dishes, trash cans, etc. On surfaces you use to prepare food, a wet soapy sponge is best because it will kill the ants present and disrupt their pheromone trail. The last unfinished da Vinci piece is The Battle of Anghiari, 1505. Da Vinci painted this work (or started to) on a wall in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. On the opposite wall, Michelangelo was to paint the Battle of Cascina. “Now this traditional holiday treat can be enjoyed throughout the year,” says Monique Hamaty Simmonds, Chief Marketing Officer for Tortuga. The TortugaRead More →

We could hear the roar of the scream tunnel a good mile before we approached it, and I pretty sure I commented aloud that it was music to my ears. Before we knew it, it was time to pucker up for some serious girl kissing. My plan was to smooch the girls with the wittiest, most hilarious, and most creative signs, but I found myself coming up short on adequate brain power for both kissing and sign reading. “What would you do if you were me?” She asked, lips quivering with preteen angst. And that’s when it all began to change for me. I hadRead More →

We need to end tax evasion, stop carve outs, and once and for all stop crony capitalism. That is why my first order of business will be to propose an equal flat tax for all businesses of 16%, free exports, an equal flat import tax of 16%, and a flat tax of 10% for all residents. By doing this Oregonians will be able to keep more of their hard earned money and the ability to live sustainable lives. That in turn required money. The clubs certainly didn’t have that kind of money, nor did the Football Trust, and so, in 1993, was born the PremierRead More →

Zacks has just released a Special Report that spotlights this fast emerging phenomenon and 6 tickers for taking advantage of it. If you don’t buy now, you may kick yourself in 2020. He is frequently quoted in the print and electronic media and publishes the weekly Earnings Trends and Earnings Preview reports. That brings us to Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor. This is not your father’s Lex Luthor. Frail, anti social tendencies and annoying. (When we were there, a pianist provided delightful background music as we browsed.)Other Attractions If you’re into fishing and/or boating, Lewisburg isn’t far from two beautiful lakes, Bluestone Lake andRead More →