When belting dresses and long sweaters, choose a belt that’s wide enough to accentuate the narrowing of your waist, but not so thick that it shortens your torso and makes you look heavier. If you’re large busted, opt for a slightly slimmer belt no more than 3 inches wide worn just below the natural waistline. Most women think they need a tighter band to keep a strapless bra in place, but the band should be the same size as your regular bra. Retton has since worked as a Ambassador for the Discover Fitness Foundation in her home town of Houston, helping children with special needsRead More →

2 points submitted 6 hours agono matter what, nothing bad can come of not starting, even if they seem like they could, but lots of bad can come of them starting, even if they seem like they could. If you have a high draft pick on someone and they are the future, why take that risk? If you are drafting that high, that means the team isn good, why not sit the dude, build the Oline up around him at least so the has a fighting chance, and let him sit and learn before risking your entire franchise on a hunch that they seem ready?Read More →

Political luminaries of the Cold War era, from Mandela to Martin Luther King Jr., who envisioned radically new social or political arrangements, seem to have been eclipsed by a more managerial approach to democratic societies meant above all to stabilize conditions for middle class consumers. Whether this is a positive or a negative development is a political question. “Unhappy is the land that needs a hero,” goes the famous line from a play by German Marxist dramatist Bertolt Brecht although it could just as easily sound like a pitch for technocratic ethos of the current liberal democratic state.. I suspect one of the reasons whyRead More →

Why We Have UnionsJump to Last Post 1 13 of 13 discussions (50 posts)With all the hate for unions I’m seeing around here, I thought it might be helpful to remind people what happens when they don’t exist, or are very weak.Next month is the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, which claimed the lives of 146 of the factory’s 500 workers. The death toll was so high in part because the factory owners had locked the doors to the fire escape to “prevent theft.” The ladders of the firefighters could not reach the top floors of the building, so many workers leaped toRead More →

1) He games the referees: All NBA superstars whine about the officials’ calls, but James is in a class by himself. Even his staunchest defenders must admit James gets downright petulant whenever a ref decision doesn go his way. James’ perpetual griping not only detracts from the enjoyment of games, but also leaves fans with the sneaking suspicion that officials go easy on him in order to appease him. Shoe Goo comes in both clear and black. The product is simple to use and very inexpensive. A tube will generally cost about $5 and as long as it is stored properly it can have aRead More →

Online shopping generates a different impulsive nature in me. The anticipation of having something being delivered is great because it often acts as a little pick me up during the day and online you have a wide variety to choose from. The options are endless! I will choose to purchase an extra product to qualify for free postage instead of paying for postage as I see that as getting the most value for my money. Universum Global Account Director Carlo Duraturo said in a statement that at least part of the reason for the popularity of innovative companies with luxurious office amenities is due toRead More →

The French alone had 900,000 soldiers and 5 million reservists, but who’da thunk it, it’s tough to stop an entire army bent on ethnic cleansing. Some Jews staged effective resistance efforts, but expecting them to have stopped the Nazis in their tracks would be like expecting a dozen guys at your local shooting range to stand a chance against a marine battalion. Regardless of your stance on guns, saying that Jews could have stopped the Holocaust if only they’d had more firepower is sleazy victim blaming that historians have dismissed as “preposterous.”Myths: Nazis Were Socialists. Kate later married George Cummings, a blacksmith, in Colorado, butRead More →

HORSLEY: The president often notes that the first bill he signed into law, the Lilly Ledbetter Act, makes it easier for women to sue if they’ve been victims of unequal pay. Governor Romney has not said whether he supports that law. Mr. How is the pentacle or pentagram associated with Akasha the fifth element? The top point is associated with the Wiccan fifth element, or spirit. The other four points are associated with the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water. What does the circle around the five pointed star? It is the circle of life, death, and rebirth and the energy that draws usRead More →

Though it’s hardly surprising that scores of Britons were cheering for Peacock’s awe inspiring performance, it should be a wake up call to broadcasters and corporate sponsors who’ve been notoriously slow to embrace the Paralympics. While the Olympics receive seemingly exhaustive coverage from the global media, much of that focus drops off for the Paralympics, which takes place weeks later. Olympic athletes routinely become household names through brand sponsorships and prolific media coverage, but Paralympians are largely ignored.. “I just want to see it keep going and going. It’s empowering to see that there’s some sort of movement happening here,” says Moore, who feels healthyRead More →

Your $40, 3 month shoes cost 43 cents per day. I estimated my $300 shoes at a 10 year life, so they cost 10.9 cents per day. But from what I read today, a more realistic estimate might be 4 cents per day. And this is the beauty of the real and ultimate Savior, Jesus Christ; only He can give to us the eternal and fulfilling life we so desperately seek for both the present life and the life to come. And when He does save us by trusting Him, He puts all of these others things in their proper place so that we canRead More →