People want to know what you do. To me, marketing is all about values. People want to know what you stand for. Think Howard Johnson and Pizza Hut, but also the W roof shaped franchise Mister Donut. From a pop culture standpoint, it’s laudable for another restaurant to make a. Some say the Yeehaw name came from the braying of ranchers’ burros. Basically, it’s a racing golf cart without room for the clubs. It’s so small that it doesn’t need a rearview mirror. At least four Sparrows can fit inside a two car garage.. Te quera comentar que hace un tiempo lo estoy leyendo yRead More →

White male, mid 20s, 6′ 2,” medium build, wearing dark gray sweatshirt, black sweatpants, with white possibly Nike logo near left side pocket, tennis shoes. Black male, 20s, light complexion, 6′ 2,” medium build, wearing white or light sweatshirt, light gray sweat pants and white tennis shoes. Suspects used handgun to rob business. I love like when I go around, obviously every summer traveling places, and it’s kind of unique to see how we kind of built things of that nature. Who kind of ruled places at certain points of time. It’s pretty cool.”. Learned in 2013 that major equipment or swing changes don alwaysRead More →