Most computer consulting companies are making a huge mistake when it comes to their small business engagements. Because these computer consulting business owners fall in love with the technology, at the expense of the business opportunities. In order for your computer consulting company to flourish, make sure that you understand the concept of virtual IT and build virtual IT into every major business decision for your computer consulting company.. Looking at Philip Morris through Rawls’ principle of Justice as Fairness shows that the company is not acting fairly. Philip Morris engages in many business activities to help maintain their competitive advantage, including supporting FDA regulationRead More →

“Buick was telling me all along that they needed to get younger, that they couldn’t afford to be just your grandfather’s car anymore. They wanted to go to being your father’s car, and from that, to being your car. I believed them but I needed to see more. For a while now, the NBA has been trying to make Christmas as much about basketball as it is about Santa. The sustained campaign appears to be working. On television, Dec. The girl speaks platitudes. It’s dark, and Hana’s back is to her; Noa cannot see the skyward flick of the woman’s eyes, though she might readRead More →