The silicone skin protects the iPad from the shock of bumps and drops and the silicone plugs protect the ports from dust. The protective film protects the iPad Touchscreen from being scratched by objects or dust. The Polycarbonate shell protects the iPad from bumps and drops as well as acting as an iPad stand. Prone to the occasional berserker rage. Does enjoy drinking the blood of slaughtered foes from the skulls of other slaughtered foes. Quite obviously touched by Chaos. First things, first. As your estate is settled after death, any remaining debts you owe are paid out from the value of your estate. IfRead More →

His last name isn’t the only thing that makes Marty from “Back to the Future” so fly just take a look at his shoes. Nike Mags, a replica of the movie’s featured sneaks, represent the core of devoted sneaker collectors’ or sneakerheads’ values: rare, unique and limited edition. Most collectors would be lucky to see a pair of these futuristic sneakers, let alone own a pair. There were books packed with circumstantial evidence, accounts from former colleagues, loyalty to an Italian doctor with a dirty reputation. He won over people with his honesty. There was the Nike commercial inspirational, defensive, candid. Paula Amuntegui Perell, projectRead More →